We are confident that all of our past and present customers would be happy to provide a testimonial reference for Sked Construction, we hope that in future we can add your company to our list of satisfied customers.

A selection of testimonials:-


Sked Construction have worked with Siemens on a number of projects over the last five years and continue to provide a quality service. We have used them on small projects with a small civil’s content and on much larger projects with more substantial civils. One of our biggest problems is changes to program due to cancelled outages, fortunately they always seem to have the flexibility to fit into our revised program. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

Jim Nicholson, Snr Project Manager
RNLI – Liverpool Victoria Insurance

Rosti UK

Sked Construction’s construction works at our Pickering site which consisted of a new 1000m2 extension and new build warehouse at 6,000m2 (Project value = £1.6m GBP). Construction completed in 28 weeks which was on time and on budget. Sked’s workmanship was excellent. (Project HSE no LTAs based on 16,850hrs worked).

Kenneth McIntosh, Technical Manager
Rosti UK

Freedom Power Projects

Sked Construction have successfully completed several civil projects for us over the past seven years. Their work ethic and attention to detail have been to a high standard without compromising Health and Safety. An example of their service to us would be in 2013, on the SPEN Coatbridge Substation. The project was for the construction of a concrete foundation incorporating 80x80x8 RSA support beams for a containerised substation plus excavation of trenches and installation of ducting to accommodate high voltage cabling. The rerouting of part of the internal roadway was included. (Contract value = £67.500 GBP) The work was executed in a timely fashion and in all areas barriers were used effectively to maintain safe separation of the civil workforce from the other disciplines.

Philip Shannon, Project Manager
Freedom Power Projects