Case Study 1: Rosti Storage & Despatch Centre

Case Study 1: Rosti Storage & Despatch Centre

Case Study 1: Rosti Storage & Despatch Centre
Surface Area
1752 sqft

Sked Construction – Case Study 1: Rosti Storage & Despatch Centre

Sked Construction had the privilege of being involved in Case Study 1: Rosti Storage & Despatch Centre, a significant project that required an investment of £4.5 million from Rosti UK Ltd. As the CDM (Construction, Design, and Management) principle contractor, Sked Construction took on the responsibility of overseeing all site works, ensuring health and safety compliance, and managing personnel throughout the construction process.

The project was executed as a full design and build package, meaning Sked Construction was involved in every step, from the initial concept to the realization of the storage and despatch center. This comprehensive approach allowed for seamless coordination between the design team and the construction team, resulting in a well-integrated and efficient construction process.

Sked Construction's commitment to delivering high-quality work within strict timelines was evident in this project. Despite its complexity and the various challenges that can arise in construction, the Rosti Storage & Despatch Centre was completed ahead of schedule. This accomplishment speaks volumes about Sked Construction's expertise, professionalism, and dedication to exceeding client expectations.

Throughout the project, Sked Construction prioritized the health and safety of all personnel involved. Adhering to CDM regulations and industry best practices, they implemented robust safety measures to mitigate risks and create a secure working environment. By fostering a culture of safety, Sked Construction ensured that everyone on-site could perform their tasks with confidence and without compromising their well-being.

Sked Construction's attention to detail and meticulous planning contributed to the successful completion of the Rosti Storage & Despatch Centre. From obtaining necessary permits and managing subcontractors to coordinating material deliveries and implementing quality control measures, they handled every aspect of the construction process with precision.

The final result was a state-of-the-art storage and despatch center that met Rosti UK Ltd's requirements and exceeded their expectations. Sked Construction's commitment to excellence, coupled with their ability to deliver projects ahead of schedule, further solidified their reputation as a reliable and efficient construction company.

This case study exemplifies Sked Construction's capability to handle complex projects, their expertise in managing site works and personnel, and their unwavering commitment to ensuring health and safety throughout the construction process. Their successful collaboration with Rosti UK Ltd underscores their ability to turn concepts into reality, delivering outstanding results that align with their clients' vision and objectives.

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